Pick of the Day: Boom Clap Let’s Ride (in NYC) 4/12

When it comes to (somewhat) controlled chaos, almost nothing comedically thrives as much as projects with Jo Firestone involved.

The concept of “hastily written jukebox musical for Charli XCX starring the audience” might be a little too daring for most to dream up, attempt, or pull off, but celebrated NYC comedy staples Jo Firestone, Aaron Jackson, and Josh Sharp will be doing exactly that sort of marvelous interactive pop-driven comedy mayhem next month at Littlefield. If this has any of the rambunctious joy of Jo’s Good Timing special, this will be more than worth your hard earned money and free time.

We don’t have much idea of what Boom Clap, Let’s Ride will entail, but that’s part of what should be the hysterical thrill of the whole experience and, if you’re in the NYC area, you should absolutely make this your evening for Tues. Apr. 12th at 8PM ET.

Tickets are $10 and you can and should go get ’em here.