Pick of the Day: Never Not Funny Live Podcast with Jimmy Pardo

Every week that passes in lockdown, comedy-at-large figures out live-streaming more and more. As such, more of the creme de la creme are coming around to shows on Zoom, Twitch, YouTube, Instagram Live, and more.

One of the most venerable comedy podcasts around, Never Not Funny with Jimmy Pardo, is one such show that is joining in the comedy live-streaming boom with a show set for Sat. May 2nd at 7:30PM hosted by Flappers Comedy Club. If anything, podcasts that have already normalized being on camera while recording are more than geared up for how we have to do comedy right now. Jimmy Pardo, Matt Belknap, and very special guests ought to be a hell of a good time on Zoom with their beloved podcast, chemistry, and serious hijinks.

Tickets for the live-stream are $10 and you can (and should) get them here.