JFL Montreal Says They’re Going to Do a Mix of Virtual and In Person Shows This Summer

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

There is live comedy that is happening in patches here and there across North America. Certainly, you’ve heard of comedians flocking to Florida and Austin, TX from NYC and LA. However, the big time comedy events have only whispers, thus far, as to what they’re going to do and when it’s going happen. The current wisdom, as far as we’ve heard, points towards fall and early next year for live, in-person shows to happen in some sort of fashion like they used to. Of course, that is all subject to the rollout of the vaccine.

JFL Montreal, one of the world’s foremost comedy festivals, is setting to formally return this Summer and have live in-person events, though virtual shows will still very much be a part of the festivities. As to the balance between the two, there are no details as of yet. Hopefully, whatever the share of in-person shows are will be based on the trending COVID-19 numbers and vaccine rollout in Montreal, Quebec, and Canada as we head towards their normal Summer dates from July 15th-31st.

So, maybe get ready to showcase if you’re still gunning for New Faces at JFL?