Jenny Zigrino Sends Up All the Generations with Her Debut Hour Special “Jen-Z”

The tapping of generational divides is a time honored source of comedy and very likely will be until, well, the end of time. That said, it takes exceptional comedic prowess, skill, and talent to find unique, singular footing on such well-tread territory. The keen wit and acumen of Jenny Zigrino in her first marvelous, amazingly self-produced hour special Jen-Z very much hit that mark (as well as broke away from the unfortunate comic habit of purely punching down at younger generations).

Zigrino herself is a Millennial and cheekily called it Jen-Z with plenty of great material on how Generation Z stole the thunder that Millennials had going for them going right before COVID-19 shuddered everything for awhile (Also, Jenny’s COVID material delightfully stands out from the countless hours of it we’ve seen over the last three years). Gen-X and Baby Boomers are in the mix too since Jenny does her due diligence to make inclusively satirize all ages.

Again, Jenny makes sure that any sort of generational bitterness gets evened out by a very insightful and funny balance for folks younger (who want everyone to be sexually gratified) and older (who didn’t have to find love through a dating app). Throughout Jen-Z, it’s a great reminder that people of all times are trying their best and some of the best comedy comes from finding where people’s “best” is sometimes just worthy of a participation trophy.

Jenny Zigrino: Jen-Z is now streaming on YouTube for your convenience, free of charge. Look for Jen-Z as an album from Blonde Medicine on Apr. 14th.