Pick of the Day: Jen Kirkman: OK, Gen-X Album Taping (in NYC) 12/1-12/4

Probably like the rest of you reading this, Jen Kirkman is one of the people we dearly miss seeing on stage since lockdown happened. Kirkman has consistently delivered some of our favorite hours between specials and albums over the years making for some of the most sharply observed material we’ve seen in comedy. Actually, we firmly believe Jen’s first Netflix special helped kick off Netflix’s ascent in comedy specials.

So, the prospect of being at the taping of Jen’s new hour is something we, too, firmly believe you shouldn’t miss. OK, Gen-X will be Kirkman’s new hour that will tape over four nights at Brooklyn’s own Union Hall from Wed. Dec. 1st-Sat. Dec. 4th. Tickets are only $25 and you best go get them now.