Pick of the Day: The Jen Kirkman Dysfunctional Xmas Show 12/4

Every year, our least favorite time of year rolls around, the holiday season. There’s a variety of reasons for why that is and we won’t get into that right now, but a definite bright spot, for us, during the holiday season is Jen Kirkman’s Annual Dysfunctional Xmas Show.

Kirkman usually holds her holiday show that is for all of those folks that normally feel despondent about December because of their family, being alone, etc. at the Hollywood Improv. She truly makes a wondrous variety show of comedy, story, song, and, sometimes, reimagining what a holiday movie could be that even holiday cynics can revel in. Of course, putting up the Dysfunctional Xmas Show at a comedy club isn’t likely for 2020, so Jen has opted to do a live-stream from her lovely living room on Fri. Dec. 4th at 6PM PT/9PM ET. 

Tickets for Jen Kirkman’s Dysfunctional Xmas Show are $21 and $42 for 1-on-1 video meet-and-greet and they just went on sale today (because you might as well move on to Christmas since who knows how Halloween is going to go this year). Go get your tickets here.