Pick of the Day: James Austin Johnson: The Age of JAJ (in LA) 7/29

We remember James Austin Johnson, now a Saturday Night Live star, once went up at an open mic we used to host in Little Tokyo, eons ago, and crooned out Eagles songs done in full-on Scottish accent to raucous laughter. That was the very first time we saw him and, even then, we had a pretty good idea that he’d end up where he is now from just that set (and the same goes for pretty much every subsequent set we saw after that).

Having multiple seasons under his belt, JAJ is far from that open mic in a Mexican bar and restaurant that’s now a Metro LA station and on to touring all around the globe. Fortunately, one of those stops is back here in LA at none other than the venerable Largo at the Coronet Theatre.

Indeed, JAJ will stop at Largo for his Age of JAJ tour on Sat. Jul. 29th at 8PM. You can (and should) go get your tickets now for $46 a pop here.