You’re Watching James Adomian’s Brilliance as My Pillow’s Mike Lindell on Kimmel, Right?

For so long, late night was relegated to MacGyver-ing its shows due to the pandemic, having to do interviews over Zoom and doing their take on a lack of audience on top of dealing with America and the world being more in crisis than it has been in a very long time. There were a lot of growing pains and even as they figured it out as the months wore on, it just wasn’t the same late night irreverence that the whole time slot is meant for.

Honestly, the tonal and format issues were a bit of a problem even before the pandemic, but part of that did have to do with a notable lack of the comedic brilliance of one, James Adomian. Noted for his characters, impressions, his own stand-up, and a litany of treasured podcasting (please revisit The Underculture), Adomian has, in our opinion, not gotten his due even though he was Bernie Sanders opposite Anthony Atamanuik’s Trump and is the voice of so much of your favorite animated series.

Thankfully, Jimmy Kimmel Live tapped Adomian to play My Pillow founder Mike Lindell as Lindell has really seemed to become more unhinged and wild as of late, even more so than his desperately earnest My Pillow ads. Adomian has been doing an impression of Lindell for years and it’s truly a blessing that it’s now getting put to good use with one of the best late night bits in however long it has been since March 2020.

Let’s hope this means we get more of Adomian anywhere and everywhere (maybe give him his own sketch show already?).

Enjoy Adomian as Lindell on Kimmel in his two appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live here and here.