James Acaster Has a Perfect Late Night Interview on Seth Meyers

These days, the niche art of being an amazing guest on a late night talk show, a format that’s going through its own growing pains as a whole, seems all but lost. Most hosts doing the heavy lifting for folks that are there to promote something that you have already seen an ad for on YouTube or numerous billboards around wherever you live.

That said, there are usually a handful of late night interviews that recall some golden times of late night where people actually looked forward to staying up late to watch what tomfoolery folks were going to get into with Carson or Letterman (in the earlier years). UK comedian James Acaster‘s latest appearance on Seth Meyers is one such interview as he came in as succinctly silly as he could possibly be (and he didn’t even have a planned bit, which seems to be a go-to move for comedians doing panel interview these days). At every possible moment, James opted for the best comedic choice, almost as if he was playing Talk Show: The Game Show with Guy Branum.

Go see James’ lovely, hysterical interview on last week’s Late night with Seth Meyers here