Pick of the Day: Your Late Night Show Tonight Jackie Kashian 4/16

If you’ve been in and around these parts at The Comedy Bureau, you really ought to know that Jackie Kashian is one of our all-time, hands down, absolute favorite comedians. Really, we highly, highly recommend getting into all her hours of comedy wherever you can get into them, her podcasts The Dork Forest and The Jackie and Laurie Show if you haven’t obsessively done so already.

Truly, anything that Jackie does (even a cameo on the latest episode of Bob’s Burgers) is something you definitely should check out.

That includes her taking over Your Late Night Show Tonight on April 16th where she will get to do her very own version of a talk show, which she not only deserves, but the prospect of which is so exciting. Again, Jackie is so damn funny to us that we’d love to see what that very sharply honed, pointed, hysterical sense of humor would do with a fully produced talk show.

Also, she’ll have an amazing team of writers including Carmen Morales, Wynter Spears, Stacy Rumaker, Virginia Jones, and Chelsea Pope as well as a very special guest in the one and only Margaret Cho. So, mark off Fri. Apr. 16th for this special live-stream, presented by RushTix.

Your Late Night Show Tonight with Jackie Kashian is set to go live on Fri. Apr. 16th at 9PM PT/12AM ET (stream will be available for 48 hours after show). Tickets are $15 and you can and very much should go get them here.