Ismael Loutfi’s “Sound It Out” Is a Hilarious, Yet Deep Half-Hour Special About Being Muslim in America

Over the last few years, you’ve seen the rise of Hasan Minhaj and Ramy Youssef and, in their ascent, we have all been given a beautiful and humorous look into the life of being Muslim in America. That said, that doesn’t mean that “box” is checked off and there isn’t more to be expressed in comedy from the American Muslim perspective. In fact, there’s so much that hasn’t been joked about and Ismael Loutfi dissects this identity and the narratives attached to in such a precise and uproarious way in his new Comedy Central half-hour special, Sound It Out.

For our money, aside from Minhaj and Youssef and so many other practicing Muslim comedians, Loutfi might be the sharpest writer of them all. The depth and nuance that he has with which he dives into any sort of observation, even the politics of pronouncing his name correctly, is astounding and has such a great twists, tags, and punchlines. Loutfi, from this special, is hopefully taking up the torch for the notion of “representation matters” equating to more than just voice from one background, especially if they’re so damn funny.

Ismael Loutfi: Sound It Out is streaming on Comedy Central Stand-Up’s YouTube channel for free here. Please watch and enjoy ASAP.