Insecure Renewed for Season 5 at HBO

One of the best comedies on TV going right now is, without a doubt, Insecure. Issa Rae really has made something that stands out of the pack amidst a whole pack of prestige comedies at HBO (not to mention that it’s a series that continually shows off our fair city of Los Angeles in a truly wondrous light in a manner not necessarily shown all the time). Insecure has proven that it’s full of surprises and has so much depth in exploring any cultural divides and intersections while continually reinventing itself even in its fourth season. Also, it’s probably the sexiest comedy on TV as well.

So, we’re pretty thrilled to hear that it’s getting a fifth season over at HBO. We are definitely curious to see if Issa and company are going to touch on the pandemic with the new season as this is one of the first series renewals to be ordered while in quarantine.