Insecure to Close Out Series With Fifth Season

Just on the heels of the announcement that Sex and the City is getting a reboot at HBO Max, Issa Rae announces that her own very sexy, wonderfully crafted dramedy, Insecure, the series that has arguably fronted HBO’s comedy brand for the last couple of years, will reach its end with its upcoming fifth season.

It would almost seem too on-the-nose that this latest chapter of the Sex and the City saga will be called “And Just Like That”. As HBO funnels its efforts into its streaming service, HBO Max, it seems like it will go a little more mainstream (it not a lot). Before the launch of HBO Max, all of HBO’s comedy specials were largely experimental (The Golden One, My Favorite Shapes, The Great Depresh) and Insecure represented a new perspective on dramedy from an shrewd black woman’s POV. The first run of comedy specials on HBO Max (the ones from Team Coco) have been solid, but they definitely run more along the traditional lines of stand-up comedy and HBO Max is tapping one of HBO’s most successful, well known IPs in Sex and the City.

And just like that, we’re back to something that harkens back to something more familiar? We’ll see in the long run if this becomes more of a trend at the premium cable network’s streaming arm and what that ultimately means. For now, just mark another season of Insecure as one more thing to look forward to as there are more months of staying indoors while chaos reigns outside in 2021.