Pick of the Day: I Never Get to Wear This (in LA) 11/20

If you’re the sort of person that wishes your comedy shows has a lot more style and flair to them and not just any old mix of denim, leather, hoodies, and whatever t-shirts are clean, there might be a show now just for you.

I Never Get To Wear This is a carefully curated live comedy show that not only picks the line-up for how great their comedic stylings are, but is also incredibly discerning about which comedians can turn a look. Of course, a show like this has a theme for the performers to inspire an iconic ensemble.

This month will be “Thanksgiving finery” and the line-up of Giulia Rozzi, The Puterbaugh Sisters, Felicia Folkes, Clint Coley, and Sammy Mowrey will undoubtedly put together the best Thanksgiving Day parade of jokes accented by the perfect set of accessories.

This edition of I Never Get To Wear This is set for Sat. Nov. 20th at 8PM PT at Third Wheel Studios. Tickets are $10-$20 (sliding scale) and you really ought to get tickets here.