Get a Peek at “How To with John Wilson” the Latest Project/Scheme/Show Nathan Fielder Is Involved In

Since the end of Nathan For You, millions of folks have been wondering what will be the next thing from the hysterically enigmatic Nathan Fielder that we all can obsess over. Sure, he’s fought anti-semitism via his outerwear company Summit Ice, but the next show that Fielder devises is what the general public is looking for.

Well, that time is just about here as How To with John Wilson is coming to HBO on Oct. 23rd at 11PM. The docu-series follows one John Wilson showing all of us how to navigate such a complex, often baffling city like NYC. Fielder is serving as executive producer on the series and that assuredly means that there will be plenty of twists and some sort of blurring between comedy and performance art.

From the looks of this teaser, there is a bit of Joe Pera Talks With You energy present here, but something tells us that there’s more sly subterfuge here and, like Nathan For You, it would appear that titular John Wilson is dealing with real referee supply store sales people, furniture cover specialists, etc.

Perhaps we’ll get a full trailer that will give us a bit more of a hint as what Wilson and Fielder have up their sleeve. If not, honestly, that’s fine too as it seems potentially very rewarding to keep the mystery up for as long as possible until the premiere.