Get Your First Look at the “Nicolas Cage’s History of Swear Words”

There is something special to the exclamations of Nicolas Cage in any role he’s in. Even in one of the quieter movies he took on in his career, The Weather Man, there are some pretty perfect bits of cursing by Cage. The unhinged level that Cage can achieve is singular to his acting and is pretty much, as far as we can figure, the whole reason Mandy exists as a movie.

As this is the case, Netflix has ordered up an edutainment series on the history of swearing/cursing and has very logically tapped Nic Cage to be the host. Called Nicolas Cage’s History of Swear Words, you can see in this first look that he’s pretty perfect for this gig.

You’re already in, aren’t you? If so, look for Nic Cage’s History of Swear Words to stream starting Jan. 5th, 2021.