Tig Notaro Set to Make Comedy History Again With First Fully Animated Comedy Special

Tig Notaro has already done enough to cement herself in comedy history.

Her album, Live, might be one of the most audacious, daring, and truthful comedy albums of all time as it is simply a recording of her set at Largo where she revealed she had breast cancer after having C. diff after having her mother pass away and going through a break up.

Also, Tig did one of our favorite late night sets with performing one bit involving the squeaking of a stool as it got gently dragged across the stage.

In short, Tig is magical in such a beautifully unassuming and very truthful way.

Now, she is set to make even more comedy history as her latest comedy special will be completely animated. There has been plenty of stand-up bits that have been animated and Picture This! has been a great example of the marriage between animation and live stand-up. Yet, to our knowledge, there hasn’t been an entire stand-up special that has been animated. Tig might be a wonderful candidate for it as this announcement already sparked what an animated version of her Taylor Dayne or Vegas stories might look like if drawn up.

In any case, we shall get to see what that might be and Tig set another comedy milestone this Summer on HBO, with the guiding EP hand of Ellen DeGeneres.