Sam Jay Is Getting Her Own HBO Late Night Talk Show

We’ve said it before in so many ways and it bears repeating again: When it comes to voices in comedy being truly unfiltered, brash, honest, and hilarious, Sam Jay is one of the best around right now. So, we think it’s a great move on HBO’s part to give Sam her very own half-hour late night talk show where she’ll get to do her take on the world.

Per the premium cable network’s announcement today:

The UNTITLED SAM JAY PROJECT will be a weekly 30-minute late-night show in which Sam tackles the top trending topics in urban and world culture for the week – including race, politics, sexual identity, science, celebrity, religion, and more – and examines them from her unique and subversive point of view. 

One can see from Sam’s Netflix special 3 in the Morning or even a recent appearance on Why Won’t You Date Me? with Nicole Byer that Jay’s show/perspective is something very special and unlike anything that has been or is currently on  in late night.

Look for Sam’s show to premiere next year on HBO and HBO Max.