“Have a Good Trip” Promises Great Tripping Stories with Accompanying Trippy Animation

When it comes to a great story, it’s hard to go wrong with someone’s account of getting high on psychedelics. If you up the ante with comedians, famous musicians and actors, reenactments via animation, and Nick Offerman playing a scientist explaining what’s happening when you trip, you might just have a winning formula on your hands.

That formula is exactly what is contained within the upcoming Netflix doc Have A Good Trip from director Donick Cary and producer Mike Rosenstein. The likes of Sarah Silverman, Paul Scheer, Sting, Nick Kroll, Rob Corddry, Rosie Perez, Adam Scott, Natasha Lyonne, Carrie Fisher, David Cross, Will Forte, Reggie Watts, Anthony Bourdain, and even members of The Grateful Dead will all be recounting their tales of tripping, whether good or bad, and have corresponding animated re-enactments. If you dug Party Legends, we’re betting this would definitely be your jam.

See what all of what Have  Good Trip is exactly about with this trailer, then look for its release on Netflix on Mon. May 11th.