Pick of the Day: Hate Mail 5/9

Thus far in quarantine, there have been stand-up, improv, and sketch shows via live-streaming. Hell, there was an even a day long Star Wars marathon watch along with Connor Ratliff in character as George Lucas.

Now, for a bit of change of pace, how about a comedic play? How about one that would be written by RiffTrax/MST3K‘s Bill Corbett and accomplished playwright Kira Obolensky (Better Call Saul) starring a grand pairing of Rhea Seehorn and the endlessly talented Paul F. Tompkins? Oh, you are? Well, you’re just in luck.

Hate Mail is one such play by Corbett and Obolensky with the stellar cast of Seehorn and Tompkins. Again, you really really lucked out here.

There will be a live-streamed performance on Sat. May 9th benefitting Partners in Health (they provide for communities affected with much-needed medical help and supplies).

Buy tickets here, then tune in at 6PM PT/9PM ET.