Pick of the Day: The Harold Experience (in LA) 4/25

Nearly every improv team worth their salt has had their rounds doing this very time honored form of improv scene that challenge every one involved to have seemingly disparate scenes come together in an organic way at the end of a set. Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays between UCB Franklin and UCB Sunset here in LA and just as much in UCB in NYC when all those were alive and kicking used to be dedicated to the specific long form improvisational form known as the Harold.

With theaters going dark because of COVID-19, there has been a stark absence of long form improv (and everything) of any kind, but definitely a large void where several routine Harold performances would happen at improv theaters across the country.

The Comedy Coop LA, much of which is comprised of former UCB/Second City/iO/Groundlings alums, is aiming to bringing that institution back with The Harold Experience. Over the course of four hours, 6 teams, including some original UCB house teams, will dive into the Harold once again and weave improv gold before your very eyes on Mon. Apr. 25th at The Broadwater Mainstage.

That’ll include:

7 PM SHOW – Griffith Park and Outside Dog

8:30 PM SHOW – YETI and The Producers

10 PM SHOW – The IT Factor and Santa Monica Pier

Some of those teams will be a mash-up of great improvisers such as Lyndsey Frank, Eli Gonzalez, Dayna LoBosco, Jenna Bryson, PJ McCormick, Leonard Smith Jr, Derrick Hackett, Greg Smith, Karen Baughn, Ted Asbaghi, Max Toretti, Colin McGurk, Genetra Tull, Paul Heredia, Carl Tart, Lilan Bowden, Ruha Taslimi, Santina Muha, Samat Turgunbaev, Mark Wilson, Adam Gottfried, Jorge Thomson, Bob Hsiao, Michael Roselle, Sarah Baggot, Monte Montepare, Andy Bustillos, Kelly Vrooman, Artin Sarkysian, David Luong, Sam Calpadi, Jesse Merrill, Zef Hussain, Kelly Hannah

Best of all, it’s the same price you’d pay for a Harold Night, $5. Go get your tickets right now right here.