Pick of the Day: Hari Kondabolu-New Material Night (in NYC) 1/2

The march of comedians returning to the stage from their pandemic sabbatical continues and we’re thankful that more and more of our favorite voices in comedy are taking the mic once again and offering their perspective and blessed levity for what is likely the most insane times of most of our lives.

One such person that we can’t wait to hear and see do comedy again, especially in relation to 2020-2021 is Hari Kondabolu. Hari might be one of the most intelligent voices in comedy, especially when it comes to the big, current issues of our day. His writing is so impeccably funny and shows how well crafted a joke can be, even if its tackling very dense, nuanced complicated subject matter.

So, don’t miss out on Hari doing all brand new jokes at Union Hall at the top of 2022, Sun. Jan 2nd at 5:30PM ET and/or 8PM ET to be exact. Tickets are only $7 and we’re pretty sure they’ll sell out sooner rather than later. Go get them here.