Pick of the Day: Hannah Einbinder (in NYC) 11/5

In LA, pretty much all of Hannah Einbinder‘s headlining dates have sold out. You might get a chance to see her here and there on a plethora of shows here and there, but you won’t get to bare witness to the full breadth of full length set, unless you snagged a ticket for one of her Dynasty Typewriter dates, for awhile (probably in October).

That said, if you’re in NYC, you still have a shot at catching the late show of Hannah Einbinder’s evening at The Bell House on Fri. Nov. 5th. Already, the 7:30PM ET show has sold out, but you can still get tickets for the 10PM ET show at $20 a pop. Please don’t miss your chance to see Hannah live, who will be such a delightful conceptual, yet still very personal comedy surprise for all of you whether you’ve seen her on Hacks or not.

So, go get your tickets already.