Pick of the Day: Hannah Einbinder & Friends (in LA) 10/30

Doing your own “& Friends” show at Largo at the Coronet Theatre, not unlike getting your name on the wall of The Comedy Store, is one of the highest echelons you can get in the vast LA comedy scene. It’s rarefied air especially since Largo doesn’t run 7 nights a week or maintain any sort of farm system for people to work your way up. You just have to be good enough for Flanagan to hear of you on top of raising your own profile pretty high in comedy and then fit into the rustic, revered auditorium on La Cienega.

With all of that in mind, Hannah Einbinder is about to have her very first “& friends” at show at Largo as she has had a trailblazing last few years between her own stand-up and the award winning darling that is Hacks. Einbinder heartily worked her through the LA scene own her myriad of conceptual bits and very introspective observations and it’s truly something special to see her graduate to one of LA’s most sought after stages for comedians.

So, go put down $46 here to see her Largo “& Friends” debut on Sun. Oct. 30th at 8PM PT.