Please ‘Calm’ Yourself to Natasha Krause and Caitlin Linden’s “Guided Meditation” Specifically for These Times

To even take the time here to remind you that the world is a crazy place is frankly a redundant waste of time. Coping with the insanity that we are all beset with everyday is what’s important (so we can handle whatever other insanity inevitably lies ahead) and one of the better, more reliable ways to do that is guided meditation.

Of course, guided meditation has had to switch itself up a little during the pandemic and the worldwide cultural reckoning and might be a little different than what you might now or have heard of. Still, it’s worth spending some time to calm yourself with Natasha Krause and Caitlin Linden‘s very special guided meditation designed specifically for these times.

Get into, enjoy, “relax” to their guided meditation here

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