Pick of the Day: Greta Titelman’s Untitled Hour (in LA) 3/27 & 4/30

We used to revel in seeing one Greta Titelman prowl and command the stage all across LA in 2019 and early 2020. You could often find us in the back of Genghis Cohen on Tuesdays (Greta’s weekly stand-up spot that she shared with the beloved Blair Socci) delighting in Titelman charming any sort of crowd into submission with her sharply drawn bits, stories, characters, etc.

Like so many of our favorite folks, we haven’t really got to them as they’re supposed to be seen (in an intimate, properly lit venue for an hour) for years, which has left our head often hanging like Charlie Brown while pacing indoors during quarantine.

2022 is thankfully a different story with all venues and shows and comedians getting up and running again and such splendid comedic talents as Greta getting to grace audiences with their exquisite comedy wares once more.

No more sullen pacing around for us, thank goodness.

Greta will actually be headlining the Elysian twice in the coming months with her untitled hour on Sun. 3/27 at 7:30PM PT and Sat. Apr. 30th at 9:30PM PT (specifically for Netflix Is a Joke Fest). Tickets are $16 and $20 respectively and you best go get them right now.