Pick of the Day: Great Moments in Comedy Made Worse (in LA) 4/28

In the days of yore, back when UCB Franklin gave its midnight slots to the most experimental, out there comedy shows and formats, there was a marvelous whirlwind of chaos lovingly called Great Moments in Comedy Made Worse. The scripts to famous sketches in comedy history are randomly given to a cast and after doing a cold read, they have to improvise and stretch the sketch however they can for at least 15 minutes.

This bout of lovely chaos was kicked up by Skyler Madsen and Jeremy Schmidt and had so many hysterical twists and turns with many of LA’s very best sketch and improv performers, especially if someone had no idea what the sketch was or didn’t really know who they were playing. Thus, we rolled out on to Franklin Ave. at 1 in the morning, thrilled at mashing up irreverence with comedic bedlam.

Thanks to The Comedy Coop LAGreat Moments in Comedy Made Worse is coming back for the first time in far too many years on Thurs. Apr. 28th at 8PM PT at The Broadwater in Hollywood. Tickets are $10 and we highly suggest snagging them up soon as space is limited.