Pick of the Day: Goopy [w/Anna Seregina & Kyle Mizono] (in LA) 12/17

2019 was a time where we got to see the groundbreaking duo that is Anna Seregina and Kyle Mizono go up at stages all around LA and dazzle audiences doing whatever the hell they wanted. Usually, that would involve one of them interrupting (or coming out of nowhere to help) the other and do some of the most beautifully absurd comedy we’ve seen in our tenure at TCB.

Fast forward to now, on this side of the pandemic and Anna and Kyle are starting to pick back up from where they left off and do sublimely ridiculous bits on more and more shows. In fact, they got their very own date for their very own show, Goopy, the show where Anna and Kyle do the aforementioned whatever-the-hell-they-want, at the still bright and shiny new Elysian Theater on Fri. Dec. 17th at 8PM PT.

Tickets are $12 and it would be a really great holiday gift to yourself or anyone who needs a hearty laugh for the insane times we live in. Get them here.