Pick of the Day: Girl God (in LA) 1/15

Most venues, bars, theaters are opting to go dark in LA and NYC for, seemingly, the rest of the year. Thus, we’ve got to look to next year for some sort of light of a future comedy show to catch at this stretch of that ever present, metaphorical tunnel.

So, earlier in the fall, Girl God (Grace Freud and April Clark) served up their special brand of “hot trans dykes who do dumb shit on stage” (that’s their very own description of their act) to NYC for a taping. Coming Sat. Jan. 15th at 10PM PT, LA will get the Girl God treatment at The Elysian with an exclusive performance that ought to be the sort of absurdist start to 2022 we all need.

Do not miss on the brilliantly daft antics of Freud and Clark and go get your tickets for $16 right here right now (and hope that shows aren’t cancelling or postponing a month from now).