Pick of the Day: The George Lucas Talk Show Holiday Special (in NYC w/Livestream) 12/19

You’ve either seen the new Indiana Jones trailer or it has popped up in a myriad of feeds that you’re on or subscribed to. In either case, you’ve got to pondering why, with George Lucas EP’ing, Harrison Ford is getting digitally de-aged for the movie (especially since the results of that with The Irishman and Robert DeNiro were properly ridiculed).

Well, you might get your answer as a holiday gift in the form of Connor Ratliff’s George Lucas Talk Show and their very first Holiday Special since lockdown. Griffin Newman as Watto and Patrick Cotnoir will, of course, be on board along with an untold treasure trove of special guests worthy of any “Life Day”.

This 2022 George Lucas Talk Show Holiday Special is set for Mon. Dec. 19th at 9:30PM ET/6:30PM PT (there’s a livestream available for $10) at Caveat in NYC. Tickets are only $20 and we highly suggest you snag them right now.