Take Your First Gander at the George Carlin Doc “George Carlin’s American Dream”

The label of comedy legend is often thrown around to liberally to the point where you might wonder what necessarily takes to actually be a comedy legend. Well, you can always look at the quintessential comedy legend, the one and only George Carlin. If you’re reading this, you probably know why he is one of the most deserving of such a moniker.

Judd Apatow, Hollywood’s biggest comedy nerd, and Michael Bonfiglio (Who Are You, Charlie Brown?, Gary Gulman’s The Great Depresh) did this comedy doc on Carlin to take a look at how his comedy is so legendary and how it simultaneously still holds up today and is still so timely even from far beyond the grave. Called George Carlin’s American Dream, it’ll be another two-part docu-series that will span the life and times of the iconic comedian as well as hear from the likes of Stephen Colbert, Patton Oswalt, Kelly Carlin, W. Kamau Bell, Jerry Seinfeld, Steven Wright, Jon Stewart, Bill Burr, Bette Middler, Chris Rock, Sam Jay, and more.

Take a look for yourself at what will very likely be required viewing for all comedy aficinados/nerds/fans/comedians/industry folks/etc. with the official trailer here.