Pick of the Day: Gemma Soldati: The Poor Rich (in NYC) 4/2

Whether you have yet to dip your town into this new world of clown that you might have heard rumblings about or you’re obsessed with it as you are a clown yourself, you really should be watching whatever Gemma Soldati does wherever she does it. A long time, masterful clown performer, Gemma’s absolute fearlessness matches her commitment to the absurd (on top of having satirical point to all of it to boot).

Her latest show, The Poor Rich, currently a work in progress, might be her greatest work to date with Gemma commanding the stage as a sort of unfettered capitalist finance dominatrix and teasing the audience cleverly for every last penny. Soldati exquisitely shows how much money runs our daily lives and has such madcap fun doing it, almost like Wolf of Wall Street done up by clowns.

Gemma is performing The Poor Rich at Union Hall on Sat. Apr. 2nd at 7:30PM ET. Tickets are $12 and we highly suggest getting them ASAP.