Pick of the Day: Fiona Landers: Funeral Bouquet (in LA) 4/7

Thinking about how live comedy is occurring basically at the levels from the before times, we’ve been delightfully reminded, over and over, that many of the things we enjoyed from what seems like decades ago are still around. With a renewed energy coming out of the pandemic, it’s a truly nice surprise to know that there are many a grand thing that we haven’t lost.

One of those things is Fiona Landers‘ ambitious solo musical show Funeral Bouquet that fearlessly and hysterically unpacks a specific grief-filled time in her life. Years and year ago, after we first saw it, we wrote, “Truly, Fiona’s stories accompanied by deftly constructed songs that touch on cancer, death, and rape cover the range of being so damn funny to being so damn heartbreaking (all in the best way possible),” and we still stand by that. Knowing that Fiona is putting Funeral Bouquet up once again at the Lyric Hyperion next week on Fri. Apr. 7th at 7:30PM, it’s thus imperative that we urge you to catch this next performance.

Tickets are $10 and you best go get them here and revel in her show next Friday.