Please Enjoy Fern Brady’s Debut Special “Power & Chaos”

Along side the names of Craig Ferguson, Billy Connolly, and Daniel Sloss, you should add the name Fern Brady to the Scottish-comedians-you-should-know part of your memory.

Brady faithfully continues to hold up a certain Scottish sense of humor that derives from a dark cleverness. That sensibility is woven deeply through her very first special that just came out, Power & Chaos, and makes it a refreshing and satisfying hour of stand-up to get wrapped up in. Also, it’s quite the treat to hear the perspective of not only a woman, but one who is bisexual and is on the autism spectrum through the sound of an exuberant Scottish accent.

Throughout this debut hour, Fern espouses a great sense of calm as she winds her way through her stances on feminism, Brexit, and people trying to do a paltry Scottish accent at her. Thus, the title is quite apt and you should go see all this for yourself when looking to watch a brand new comedy special.

Fern Brady: Power & Chaos is now streaming both as a special and an album and you can get into it here.