Pick of the Day: Femmes the Rules (in LA) 12/14

Even though so much time has passed since the last Femmes the Rules, the live comedy show where men get interrupted, it seems as though, in 2021, that men haven’t learned to shut up when they need to be shutting up.
Thank goodness that Femmes the Rules is making a come back to feature female/non-binary comedians getting the full license to interrupt a male comedian during their set however they please (including a 3-strike rule), then get to do their set free of any interruptions. All hail Sammy Mowrey and Bailey Norton for bringing this crucial show from the pre-pandemic era all the way to The Airliner on Tues. Dec. 14th at 8PM PT.

On this first post-lockdown Femmes the Rules will be:

Molly Kearney and Mike Joyce
Holmes Holmes and Simon Gibson
Amy Silverberg and Danny Palumbo

Tickets are $5 right now, so go get ’em while you can right here.