Pick of the Day: F**K Z**M – A comedy fundraiser mourning a year of working on Z**m 3/13

As you may or may not know, the lockdown from the pandemic is coming up on a year. Consequently, that’ll be pretty much a year of comedians being relegated to performing on Zoom, which, for some, has been a saving grace and, for others, the bane of their existence.

Zoom comedy will continue to be a thing for awhile (and probably be partially here to stay in one way or another). Thus, why not give it a bit of a nod? Also, it would be pretty great to support The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (www.aaldef.org) given the horrific rise in Asian hate crimes in America.

There will be a F**K Z**M live-stream, thanks to Naked Comedy, that mourns comedy having to be on Zoom for a year and raising funds for AALDEF. And boy howdy, do they have a heck of line-up that is persevering in virtual comedy that includes:

Addie Weyrich
Atsuko Okatsuka
Bowen Yang
Carl Tart
Chloe Fineman
Christine Medrano
Cole Escola
Dana Donnelly
Danielle Perez
Demi Adejuyigbe
Dewayne Perkins
Fumi Abe
George Aivaliotis
Greta Titelman
Hannah Einbinder
James Austin Johnson
Jenny Gorelick
Jenny Yang
Jenson Titus
Julia Shiplett
Lindsay Adams
Maddie Connors
Mary Beth Barone
Matt Rogers
Mic Nguyen
Nic Shepard
Nori Reed
Sarah Squirm
Tien Tran
Travis Coles
Yedoye Travis
Zach Noe Towers
and hosts Jared Goldstein and Hannah Pilkes

F**K Z**M – A comedy fundraiser mourning a year of working on Z**m is set to stream Sat. Mar. 13th at 6PM PT/9PM ET. Donations will be accepted, then you can RSVP for live-stream for a private YouTube link. Do all of that ASAP here.