Pick of the Day: What’s Your Problem, Sir? with Ever Mainard 1/30

The freewheelin’ spirit of Ever Mainard makes their comedy dynamic and enthralling and it’s definitely something we dearly miss seeing live in person.

Thus, we’re really looking forward to the exclusive virtual show they’re doing come Sat. Jan. 30th where it’ll be a deep dive into the eternal question, “What’s your problem?” Mainard is set for this “wild night of vulnerable comedy” that is very likely the bit of the catharsis that many of us need as we can only shout at our walls in quarantine for only so long.

What’s Your Problem, Sir? with Ever Mainard is set to live-stream on Sat. Jan. 30th at 6PM PT/9PM ET. Tickets are going for the nice price of $5 and you can (and should) get them here.