Pick of the Day: Bad Trip Watch Along with Live Commentary (on Clubhouse) 4/25

Bad Trip served as a bright spot when it dropped on to Netflix at the end of February with Eric Andre being, well, Eric Andre and strangers showing kindness at a time where we most of us would need to see the humanity in people again.

Also, it’s one of the more ambitious prank films to have been released in recent memory considering how much they involve real folks in their insane storyline.

With all of that in mind, Andre and director Kitao Sakurai will be doing a watch-a-long with live-commentary for their creation, Bad Trip, on Clubhouse that will offer up stories/details/behind-the-scenes that you would very likely not get anywhere else.

All you have to do to get the watch-a-long live commentary is have Clubhouse, follow Eric, Kitao, or IHEARTCOMIX on Clubhouse, and tune in at 7PM PT/10PM ET after you’ve cued Bad Trip up on Netflix. Then, let Eric and Kitao’s chaos reign for your enjoyment.