Watch Eddie Pepitone Perform in a Little League Field Because That’s Where Live Comedy Can Happen Right Now

Conventional live comedy that properly happens in a tightly packed, dark venue that, more often than not, serves alcohol, is still far off from happening like it used to because of COVID-19. For now, the world of attempting of live comedy is a crowded field of all sorts of experiments. Drive-ins, performing on one side of a glass door/window to an audience outside (i.e. watching folks perform like you’re at a zoo), or performing in the wide open outdoors in a park.

For the sake of social distancing, baseball fields seem to naturally delineate a more than healthy distance from the performer and, as one could figure, all performers are using an individual microphone. That was the set-up for the outdoor show that Eddie Pepitone did just a few days ago and, of course, Eddie is the perfect prophetic voice to yell jokes at a baseball diamond designed for children while the end times feel so close.

Filmmaker Steven Feinartz documented the outing and performance for us all to enjoy in (complete with dramatic score) here.