Pick of the Day: Dylan Adler: Hit That Track (in NYC) 2/18

We might have told you before (and we will definitely tell you again in our best 100 year end list) that Dylan Adler is one of the funniest people that we got to see for the very first time in 2021. His vulnerable, personal, dark, physical (and often musical) comedy had us doubled over when we first saw it on a rooftop in DTLA earlier this year and it’s imperative to us that you go catch Dylan wherever he’s playing. Thankfully, for New Yorkers, that’s all over town all the time (and perhaps in LA in January).

Adler is actually doing his very own full length show that is a treat that no one in around the NYC’s LES should miss. Hit That Track will have Dylan headline Caveat on Feb. 18th at 7PM ET (so, hopefully that’s far enough from the reaches of this recent COVID-19 surge) and tickets are only $15.

Go get them right here right now and enjoy looking forward to something in mid February rather than worry about Valentine’s Day.