Pick of the Day: Dykevice with Robby Hoffman 5/14

When Robby Hoffman is given the reins to any sort of talk show format, you’re in for a real treat. Her dominating persona whips up some truly beautiful chaos that Hoffman wrangles almost effortlessly. In the before times, Hoffman was doing just that with her take on The Chris Gethard Show aptly called The Chris Gethard Show with Robby Hoffman. 

Now, Robby is set to bring this vibe into live-streamed comedy with a weekly lesbian call-in advice show called Dykevice with Robby Hoffman. Robby will indeed be taking calls a dishing out plenty of hot, spicy advice no matter what the situation might be. Dykevice with Robby Hoffman will live-stream every Thursday from Planet Scum at 7PM PT/10PM ET. Tune in here.