Take a Gander at the Trailer for Riley Stearns’ Wild Latest Film, “Dual”

While Swan Song came and went on Apple TV+ without too much fanfare, the drama and satire of having a clone of yourself made to take your place due to a terminal illness is still fertile territory for something captivating (or ridiculous hysterical).

That’s where Riley Stearns’ latest, Dual (we’re guessing pun intended here), comes in taking cues from his dark comedy The Art of Self-Defense and weaving in the potentially unforeseen implications of having a clone of yourself continue your life when it might have seemed stolen away far too early. Karen Gillan and Aaron Paul bring this absurdist, sci-fi satire to life that might border on a cheekier, but still plenty sinister episode of Black Mirror.

See for yourself with the first official trailer here, then look for Dual in theaters near you starting next week, Apr. 15th.