Pick of the Day: Drunk Black History (in NYC) 2/25

As today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, one ought to be reflecting on the past and where we’ve gotten to in the present moment as well as celebrating the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

So, with that in mind, we’d like to highlight the amazing live historical comedy show, Drunk Black History, that’s on Feb. 25th. Brandon Collins and Gordon Baker-Bone preside over the a line-up of marvelous NYC folks attempting to tell the story of renowned Black heroes in history while undeniably three sheets to the wind.

This particular edition of Drunk Black History will feature Felix Rodriguez, Andre Perry, and Errin Haines and convene at Brooklyn’s Bell House at 9PM ET (Doors 8:30PM ET) on Fri. Feb. 25th. Tickets are $20 right now and there will also be live-stream access available for $10. Go get your tickets now!