Pick of the Day: Doughboys Munch Madness Finale 3/23

The pandemic has taken away so many things away from us all, but one thing that has absolutely endured is fast food. In fact, several fast food establishments have thrived during this time and, along with them, the best podcast about chain restaurants, Doughboys with Nick Wiger and Mike Mitchell, thoroughly endures.

With that in mind, Wiger and Mitch have also put on another round of their hallowed, but chaos-filled annual fast food tournament, Munch Madness. As the pandemic is still happening, they’ll be doing a very special LIVE, virtual edition of the finale of Munch Madness via On Location Live. The showdown of the most addictive, cheap food is set for Tues. Mar. 23rd at 5PM PT/8PM ET.

Tickets for livestream access are only $15.75 and you can (and should) get them here (NOTE: you’ll be able to stream it for a week if you can’t watch it live).