Pick of the Day: The Dollop Podcast Live-stream 1/21

This week is indeed the week of the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States and because the 45th was such an evil nimrod, this week is going to be yet another momentous and very likely tumultuous point in history that we’re all having to live through.

So, it might be nice to tune into another live-stream edition of the radical comedy, American history podcast, The Dollop, to further understand and how the United States brashly lumbered and tumbled to where we are now. Also, Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds continually put the perfect dollops of comedic frosting on whatever dark corners of American history they’re covering and this latest live-stream episode should be no different.

So, you best get your tickets for The Dollop LIVE, streaming on Thurs. Jan. 21st at 6PM PT/9PM ET for $20 ($75 for VIP).