Pick of the Day: The Dollop LIVE Online 9/24

It has our stance for quite awhile that The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds is both one of the best podcasts for satirically exploring all the weird dark corners of American history and beyond and also one of the most important podcasts around because it brings to light important events and details that one definitely didn’t get while in your standard issue history class.

Knowing your history has always been very important, but seems more vital at this point in time where the whole world is reckoning with its past and how it lead to this present and could lead to a more dystopian future.

So, one absolutely shouldn’t miss out on a virtually live episode of The Dollop next week, Thurs. Sept. 24th at 6PM PT. Tickets are going for $20, but if you pay $75 you’ll get a virtual 1-on-1 meet-and-greet with Dave and Gareth. In either case, please go get tickets here!