Enjoy UK Comedy Star Diane Morgan on Seth Meyers Becoming an American Comedy Star Because of Cunk on Earth

The names Diane Morgan and Philomena Cunk as well as the title Cunk on Earth may not be familiar to your Yankee ears, but we hope that changes from the time you finish reading this post forward. Morgan, not unlike Steve Coogan has done with Alan Partridge, has become synonymous with a certain extremely aloof, easily mistaken, yet fully confident presenter. The name of said presenter is a comically rich tapestry of syllables, Philomena Cunk. Throughout several series and specials, Morgan has taken on sending up every documentary series that is perhaps too self-serious and thus played Cunk as dryly as possible while often saying the most idiotic things she can say, often to real life field experts.

Cunk on Earth is the latest work from Diane as Philomena and a grand exploration of the history of mankind, but done with the lens of someone who assuredly thinks they’ve got the right take, but has less veracity to their facts than non-peer reviewed pages on Wikipedia (though there are some piercingly funny truths that she points out like Europe’s insistence on their innovation of the printing press when that existed in Asia well before that time). The result is so damn funny, often ratcheted up through the absurdity and awkwardness with history professors and art historians that have to deal with Philomena and her quest to ask “dumb questions”.

See for yourself in the Cunk on Earth trailer here.

Also, Cunk on Earth is likely the first American exposure that Cunk has gotten as the series is streaming on Netflix and is gaining traction through the platform. As such, Morgan appeared on Seth Meyers last night to talk up the series, show herself as the perfect person to play Philomena since Diane hates most history, and generally show off how wonderfully dry she is.

Right, you should go watch all of Cunk on Earth (it’s a short binge, we promise) right now and make your week better.