You Knew That Desus & Mero Do Their Own Warm-Up on Their Show, Right?

If you wonder how unstoppable Desus Nice and The Kid Mero are when it comes to riffing, you should know that, in addition to riffing their way through their own Showtime show and their podcast, The Bodega Boys, they warm-up the crowd themselves on their own show.

Almost 100% of the time, a stand-up comedian that isn’t definitely not the host of the show does some combo of explaining the rules, doing some stand-up, and some crowd work to the audience in attendance in order to bring the energy of the room to higher, cohesive point.

Yet, Desus & Mero can do that all by their damn selves. Thankfully, Showtime has put all of that online, for your convenience, on the Desus & Mero YouTube channel. Dig in and enjoy.