Desus & Mero Just Got Renewed for Season 3 at Showtime

Honestly, it’s glad to hear that any show is staying on the air right now, but it’s especially heartening to hear that Desus & Mero, the one late night show that will probably manifest their cry of #1 show in late night into existence relatively soon, just got picked up for a third season at Showtime (that’s in addition to their time at VICE). Both Desus Nice and The Kid Mero will have a whole other season of their signature fast and loose riffing that brings such a vibrant energy to late night that really can’t be found on any other show.

They’ll still be airing twice a week on Sundays and Thursdays for now through October, but will return in 2021. Hopefully, a certain person and certain sets of people get voted out of office and they could maybe start riffing on a few less dire issues and be back in studio with maybe a few folks in the crowd (a sign of things potentially getting better?).

Even if that doesn’t happen, at least they’ll be around to clown on the end times like they only can.