Desus & Mero and Jon Stewart Have a Bit of a Heart to Heart About Doing Late Night Comedy in the Face of Tragedy

The first part of this full interview (approximately the first six minutes) with Jon Stewart on Desus & Mero is one of the better, more frank conversations about the purpose and philosophy of comedy when times of strife, tragedy, and horror strike.

As we are beset with all three very acutely every single day of the pandemic, doing a recurring late night talk/satirical news show is as tricky as it has ever been. What can you do to talk about the world and lift spirits? How up would you even be given the the weight of the world already being unbearable, but getting heavier every few hours or so? Stewart and Desus & Mero relate their experiences with The Daily Show and this current time that’s a maelstrom of so many awful things all at once to get to some answers to those questions.

Please watch and listen to here